Mr. Satish Gangaram Shrirao


Principal Desk

Nandurbar is situated lovingly in the lap of the marvelous gift of nature the Satpuda mountain range. It is recognized as a tribal district in Maharashtra. Tribal community has maintained their culture and is ready to safeguard this beautiful region. Central Government and Tribal Development Department, Government of Maharashtra is standing behind them to support them. Many beneficiary schemes are being implemented for the welfare of the students. One of the welfare scheme is Eklavya Model Residential School, Nandurbar.

EMRS, Nandurbar started in 2013-14. It was first started in Govt. Ashram School Nizampur, Tq. Navapur, Dist. Nandurbar and was transferred to Govt. English Medium Ashram School, Nandurbar in 2015.

In 2018, in the month of August, when the huge building was ready, it was migrated to its own new building.

EMRS, Nandurbar aims to provide qualitative teaching, extracurricular activities, and sports skills to students. The first in quality teaching approach good infrastructure, nutritious foods through Central Kitchen, open gym for physical development etc. EMRS, Nandurbar, the end product of intensive pedagogic research and dialogues with various parents, students and institutional heads.

EMRS, Nandurbar is synonymous with quality education and is a pioneer in mooting all-round development and fostering an all-round growth in its wards. This precinct found itself embedded in a sprawling mansion that belonged to the Integrated Tribal Development Department, Nashik. The school was started in Nandurbar to provide quality education to the tribal students in the region and to foster all-round growth of a child. It has been built a legacy that continues till today in the pristine glory of the environment. This visionary's zeal and implicit faith in their beliefs has showered the school with intellectuals who are, were and will be role-models for generations to come.

Our entire team continued to be actively involved in the activities such as Co - Curricular activities, House duties, various Competitions, Cultural Program, Parents Meeting, Cleanliness Campaign of the school and helping expand it in the true spirit.

EMRS, Nandurbar is the first of its kind to do away with traditional rigid teaching and to bring in E learning classrooms, green boards to bring in an unique blend of western and Indian concepts in teaching. The aim of EMRS, Nandurbar is to provide students with fullest opportunity to develop, by means of the best in terms of both infrastructure as well as services, using the latest development in technology. Each student of EMRS, Nandurbar is made to participate in various sport activities compulsory during school hours itself.

Winning is just not an attitude or a rare distinction reserved for a select few. At EMRS, Nandurbar it is believed to be an attitude and various consistent practices like systematic approach, hard + smart work and guidance. Coupled with right motivation, tutoring and premium environment such as state of the art libraries, laboratories, mini science centre and ambient classrooms environment attuned to keep the minds sharpest and most receptive.

I, as a Principal of this school wants to provide every ample opportunity to develop our students and shape their career with the help of our department and staffs.

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